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About Think Tattoos

Think Tattoos has been found in 2016. From 2009 only, he started his work as a temporary tattoo artist but soon he realized that he can start his own tattoo studio. After starting the studio, he attended various tattoo certified workshops of portrait and colour tattoos as well as studio setup hygiene workshop to gain the professional experience and rich training. He traveled across various cities in India and attended conventions. In 2019, he participated in Ink Me Tattoo Festival in portrait and original artwork categories.

We maintain extreme level of hygiene and sanitation. We have well sterilized products and sanitized equipment. All the products used for tattoo making gets opened in front of customer only and after finishing the work we dispose it to maintain the proper hygiene level. We provide mask and gloves to the customer during tattooing.

Our vision is to revolutionize the tattoo industry. In near future, we have aim to make a team of professional tattoo artists and raise our brand Think Tattoos on top in Nagpur city. Further, we have plan for expansion throughout India.


About Artist - Kiran Thakur

Born and brought up in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Started own tattoo studio in the year 2016.

Kiran is well-rounded tattoo artist and specializes in Black and Grey Tattoos at present and has been inspired and fascinated by tattoos since childhood. He started with the temporary tribal tattoos and worked with it for 8 years and then moved towards permanent tattoos. Currently has 4 years of tattooing experience with permanent tattoos.

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What our customer says

  • I got reference from my friends for Think Tattoos and they also gave me good reviews about the artist. I am fully satisfied with the service that i have received. I personally appreciate the hygiene level maintained in the studio.


    Sr. Manager, AD Marketing pvt. ltd.
  • I am really happy with the tattooing work of Think Tattoos. Before making the tattoo decision, i was worried about it but i got reference from my friends for Think Tattoos and got to know about this trust worthy tattoo brand.


    Owner, Jadhav Motors
  • I got amazed with the hygiene maintenance inside the studio. Also Think Tattoos keep full transparency over products and equipment.


    Sales Manager, Tata Finance